Bakerella & Sprinkle Bakes

Here’s a few bakers whose blogs I follow… Check ’em out!

1. There is a blogger I know… she goes by Bakerella. You might recognize her from her book: 

Angie Dudley, the artist behind Cake Pops, is an adorable, passionate, and super-talented baker! I love following her blog because she inspires me to be as passionate as her in my baking, and also inspires my creativity in the kitchen… whether with cakes, cake pops, or any other sweet treat. Check her out:

2. A lesser known cake genius I follow is Heather Baird, founder of Sprinkle Bakes (which is actually now a book, too! Hey, guys, Christmas is coming up… hint, hint.) Her creations leave me breathless. They are so beautiful. Like this…

and these…

 See? I know. Great.

According to her blog, Heather used to be a painter, then realized that she loved making beautiful art via baking more! Just as with Bakerella, I love that she is passionate and creative.  Her  self-taught amazingness keeps me humble and makes me want to be better and better! Check her out, too:


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