You Know You’re a Baker If…

  • You dream about cake designs.
  • You’ve ever gotten Dutch Cocoa up your nose.
  • You often find yourself saying “Behind!” while walking in public.
  • “In the weeds” is something you dread.
  • Butter excites you.
  • When you make bombes, walk around with large knives, and light things on fire, people are impressed. Not scared.
  • Aprons are a clothing category.
  • Standing in the grocery store’s bakery embarrasses you.
  • The best part about Thanksgiving isn’t the turkey, it’s the pumpkin pie!
  • You mise en place everything in your life.
  • When you start talking about your job, people salivate. You’re used to it, though.
  • You’re afraid to order dessert when you eat out for fear of judging it too much.
  • “Store-bought cake” is a terrible phrase. never. to. be. repeated.
  • You have more pictures of your food than your face on Facebook. (do you see the irony?)
  • Your day consisted solely of butter, sugar, flour, and eggs.
  • You have ever subconsciously made a piping bag… when you didn’t need one.”Doodling” actually means “practicing my piping”. 
  • You are baking while reading this post about baking. 🙂

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