Here We Go!

May I just say that I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!

Why? Well, because in 5 short days, I will leave Winder, GA and head to the one, the only, the fabulous Washington, DC!

And whilst there, I will be interning with possibly the coolest place in the world: The Madison Hotel.

As a part of my Baking & Pastry Arts degree at JWU, I have the opportunity to spend one of my terms in a baking internship, learning hands-on about the industry from, well, the industry! I will thus be working for three months in various sections of the hotel, learning new techniques and honing already-learned skills. My first day will be Tuesday, the 27th, and I will work lots and lots to learn as much as I possibly can while I’m there. ‘Tis exciting. I am also quite excited because of when I will be there.

So get this. I will be interning during Christmas, New Years, the Inaguration, Valentine’s Day, and The Madison’s 50th Anniversary! How cool is that?!

I am so thankful and humbled that I am about to experience this amazingness. God has orchestrated everything to work out perfectly in His timing, and I am just ready for the adventure to begin! So, in the meantime, until Sunday comes and I trek via car some 10 hours to Washington, I am hanging out with the family, enjoying some down time, and making yummy Thanksgiving desserts. And maybe stalking the Madison. Just a little.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all, and we shall chat again soon!



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