Traffic & Papers & Cornbread, Oh My!

Sorry about the lapse in posting… Just found my little friend, wifi. Lost it for a bit. 🙂

So today will mark day 4 of working at The Madison! I began on Tuesday, with oodles of paperwork (literally. I had to fill out about 40 different forms the first day!), getting lost in the gargantuous kitchen (yes, that is a word. I think.), and watching earnestly as a million things constantly occurred around me. I should use the word intense. This is my first real experience in a restaurant kitchen, working full-time, and living in a big city, all at once. You could say that I was a bit overwhelmed the first day!

However, I kept going, learning, and each day gets a little bit better. I am still figuring out the groove of the food, but I’m getting there… that’s all that matters. Here are some things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Washington traffic sucks. Like all the time. Even at midnight, tons of traffic. Always know where you’re going, and be prepared to sit sometimes!
  2. Working in DC, with all its governmental splendor, means a lot of paperwork. No matter what. Get that pen ready if you ever decide to work here!
  3. 20 liters of cornbread batter is heavy. And by heavy, I mean soooo heavy! It was a challenge to get that container to the fridge.
  4. You think you know what you’re doing… until Chef walks over. Then, you will always be wrong. Unless you’re right. I know, confusing, but once you work in a kitchen, you’ll get it.
  5. Quenelles are what make the dessert work go ’round. Seriously. They are in almost every dessert I make!
  6. Just because your waiter may not care doesn’t mean the kitchen doesn’t. There is so much effort and energy put into every dish that goes out, and all we ask is that you enjoy it! And let the kitchen know if something’s extra awesome. It’s nice to know you like what we make. 🙂

I’ll see if I can post some pictures soon. Until then, It’s off to work I go!

Stay sweet.


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