Marmalade + Megan

Well, I have officially been here in DC for three weeks now!

It’s crazy to think that everything I have experienced so far has only taken up 21 days… not even a month! I have learned so much working at The Madison, and also living in such an exciting city. This past week was especially fun…

Work-wise, I have been doing much better than the last time I posted! It took a little while, but I settled in, and now can make a myriad of desserts and a pretty great quenelle. 🙂 This past week, though, I was working specifically on desserts that will be served this week at the Beard House (which is a pretty big deal… it’s really exciting!), like poached pears, pates de fruits, and a TON of orange marmalade. Seriously, I made like ten gallons. I learned a lot of new techniques and tricks, though, and am loving getting to experiment and try new things! It’s been grand.

week 3

The second cool thing was my sister, Megan, who came to visit for the week! She definitely wore me out… Our trips included the zoo, Georgetown, Julia’s empanadas, the Capital, and lots of subway rides. It was so great to get out and see where I am living, and to visit with the sis!

So that’s it for now. Merry Christmas to all, and I will post again soon!

Stay sweet.


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