The White House.

I just had a magical life moment. You know, the one that you know you’ll reminisce when you’re eighty and sitting in a rocking chair. The one you’ve dreamed about for a long time, woken up and thought, “someday!” Well, that day happened for me today…

I baked at the White House. 😀

Ever since visiting the White House in 2007, I’ve wanted to return and bake in the pastry shop, for I think there’s no job greater than to bake and work in such a magnificent and significant home. So I kept in touch with the head pastry chef Bill Yosses, and hoped that one day I would return. And then this internship happened–in the same city. And on Wednesday, I got that momentous email, informing me that I, little miss Madison, was invited to volunteer!

Ecstatic doesn’t begin to describe how I felt.

I arrived at the entrance this morning feeling all official, and I soon entered the gates, walked across the lawn and through the doors to the house. Chef Yosses was so kind and gave me a quick tour of the place before we started working. I’m sure all the visitors who saw me thought that I was some important chef… Little did they know. 😉

Among the things I did included making the daily fruit plate for the Obamas (eep!), eat in the official Eisenhower Building‘s cafeteria, and meet Mr. Bo (the Obama’s adorably fluffy dog).


I know. He’s so cute! And the tree is pretty fly, too. Actually, all the Christmas decorations made me want to run to the kitchen and bake something festive. It looked and smelled like Christmas in there! 🙂

All in all, today was magical. I am so thankful God decided to blow my mind again (He does that a lot.) and give me such an amazing experience! Oh, and on top of that, I got to run the dessert station all by myself for the first time at work. I know. Great.

Just thought I’d keep ya informed.

Stay sweet.



p.s. I apologize for the overkill of emoticons. But it had to be done. Embrace it.


2 thoughts on “The White House.

  1. Madison, I am one of your Aunt June’s friends and Pilot Club member. I am so thrilled for you that you were able to fullfill a wish on your Bucket List. I am one of the many members on the cheerleading squad for you. Blessings on you and Merry Christmas. Nancy Denney, Athens, GA

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