Food. Yummy, Yummy Food.

Well hello there.

Quite a few days have passed since we met last, but I am sure you were a bit busy with the holidays and such, so I think we’ll just recap. I was working until the 23rd, which was when I left for home. I was busy prepping for Christmas Eve dinner at the restaurant, which included these little guys:


Ginger pate de fruit (pronounced “pat-uh-fwee”). They are basically gummies for grown-ups… White wine, blended ginger, and LOTS of sugar. They were definitely a challenge, but a cool thing to make! Anyways, after work, I went home, decorated some Christmas cookies, made some green bean casserole, and celebrated the most wonderful time of the year. It was grand to be home for those few days!

I returned on the 27th, and have been working to prep for New Year’s eve since. It has been definitely interesting seeing the back-of-the-house side of a high-end restaurant… like making food for a meal that is $95 a person! Here’s what the desserts are:




Pretty crazy, huh? And to think that I helped create every single item on there. Crazy. I may not love the hours, and it may be hard at times, but I am learning SO much at the Federalist. I am so grateful for such a unique and awesome internship! Love it.

Oh, and by the way,

Happy New Year’s!

Stay sweet.



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