New Year, New Kitchen

Why, hello there!

Happy 2013. My apologies for not posting in (gosh!) over two weeks! I have good news, though…

I began the new year by museum-hopping. Figured the best way to spend the “new” was to remember the old. I, being the history nerd that I am, had a blast!



Ahoy. 😉

I also started some new things at my internship, too. Last week, while working the dessert station by myself (they actually trusted me… crazy. considering I am crazy. ;P), I prepped almost all of the product for the new winter dessert menu, which launched this past Saturday: buttermilk ice cream, cranberry chocolate whoopie pies, and caramelized banana syllabub, to name a few items! I also worked hard to perfect my crepe-making skills. I can now say that I officially can make crepes using only a pan… and my fingertips!

Well, what’s left of them.


Also, on Monday, I headed back to the White House to decorate some Inaugural cookies–hundreds of ’em! It was great!



Me and Chef Bill, the head pastry chef at the White House, dipped and piped tons of mini white houses… they were so darn cute!

And… last but not least, I have switched to a new section in the Madison kitchen! I have been making desserts for the barista lobby bar this week… cinnamon rolls, fudge brownies, and even raspberry lemon english muffins! It’s craaaazy to think that people will actually be paying to eat my treats! ‘Tis exciting.

Told you I had good news.


Stay sweet.


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